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Synapse is an app for artistic video effects and digital art.

Use Synapse to record videos with amazing effects.

Synapse is just getting started.

Our goal is to build some really fun and great effects, but we won't stop there. All of our effects are made from smaller, reusable pieces that can be combined endlessly for powerful creativity. As we create effects we are making them more and more customizable and giving you more power to create your own effects and digital art.

Each release will add new effects, algorithms and capabilities. Here are some things we are buiding right now:

  • Apply post-processing filters (LUTs, Bloom, Godrays, Vignette, Blur, etc.) to any effect.
  • Edit Effects by adding, removing and reording processing steps.
  • Biological simulation algorithms (automatons, growth, flocking, colonization, etc.).
  • Physical simulation algorithms (gravity and other forces, fluid dynamics, erosion).
  • AI and machine learning (object detection and replacement, GANs and generative models).
App 2
App 3


We are busy building the future, but we think there are some interesting and fun effects to get creative with right now.

Time Warp
Different parts of the screen are delayed by different amounts.
Roto Hue
A rotating color cube is used as a LUT for the scene. The color cube can react to audio and your phone's sensors.
Get those beautiful crepuscular rays.

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Available now for Android

We also have a beta program with access to experimental features.